Mjollnir Unicycles prototype.

Anny opinions on this Unicycle?

Looks a litte bit heavy(especially the bearing holders) in my opinion, but I like the design of the frame.

The frame is made of aluminium and is aprox 620 gram. But overall the uni is between 5 and 6 kg. I did not have a scale handling more than 3 kg… So I’m not 100 % sure.

The bearing holders look just like the XTPs and Black Domina, bulky, big, heavy, ugly.

Other than that it looks good, I like the echo tire, what rim is on it? How wide is it? Steat clamp is weird tho.

The rim is 47mm and looks just like the try-all streetrims. The seatclamp must be replaced if we choose to make more than this one.

I like the chunky bearing holders and the strange seat post clamp. I suppose that’s a matter of personal taste! Also there are some really nice welds on the frame (I like nice welding - I’m odd like that!) :smiley:

Overall I think it’s a nice looking unicycle. What will be the retail price of these?

I think it looks pretty freakin sweet. I love the design of the crown of the fork.

The bearing holders give it a cool ‘dogbone’ look, that I actually really like. The non-painted aluminum is the way to go ; )

. . . I think a Ti 24-26" muni design like this would be sweeeeet

You should change the cranks, it looks like they will bend easily, and the crown, bigger welding areas would be good. I love the bearing holders.:D:D

Maybe drop the crown a bit

Change the cranks to some nice crmo tubular ones :slight_smile:

Seatclamp needs a change, like you said

Will you offer a few longneck options? Maybe even make a freestyle version of the frame? It looks good.

The seatpost looks like it will break at the joint (Just my thoughts when i looked at the pics)

I really like the frame and the tire. i would definatly buy the frame and the tire. as for the cranks-i dont really like them. just dont look strong and i dont like the look of them. same goes for the seatpost. but i love the frame,

Interesting. I am curious to hear/see how that frame preforms, cool design but it looks like you might be loosing strength. Who you got testing this frame?

The clamps look cool, I like how they are not threaded, big plus… for a little extra weight.

And yeah tubular CrMO cranks would be a plus. Unless you go with big block aluminum and carve out the insides.

Id say if the frame can take some abuse you would def have a market in longneck freestyle frames.

Love the name.

Can I buy one? :smiley:

looks very good!

the price?

I like big, heavy, ugly unis.:stuck_out_tongue:

Are cranks stops not needed?