Miyatas are available

After hearing that Miyata was no longer sending unicycles to the US, I saw in
the Klutz catalog that I got in the mail yesterday that Klutz still sells them,
at a decent price even ($155). I don’t know if they are just clearing inventory
or if they still get them from Miyata, but it looks like this is a good chance
to get a 24" Miyata if you want one.

BTW, it comes with a book called “Anyone Can Ride a Unicycle” by Jack Halpern.
Has anyone ever seen this book? Can you buy it anywhere other than from Klutz?


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Re: Miyatas are available

I got the “Anyone can Ride A Unicycle” book, and it seems to be a Miyata
specific publication. I wouldn’t put too much weight on the book, as it doesn’t
really contain any information not covered in the newsgroup in general. It’s
pretty informative and it’s written in a nice, personable format (The FAQ reads
like a computer manual, but that’s only because of the audience, I guess). If
you could obtain it from the company, that’s great, but I wouldn’t go out of my
way to get it.