Miyata Unicycles

Miyata Unicycles sold in the US

A local bike/unicycle dealer has recieved a few Miyata unicycles (from Canada).
He recieved a total of 8 deluxe unicycles, 4 20" and 4 24". I believe that only
one of the 24" unicycles are left but all four of the 20" are still there. The
cost for the 20" is $225 and the 24" is $235. They also have some unicycle
spare parts.

The next shipment of unicycles that they will be getting in will be the 95
models sometime early next year (March?).

The address of the bike/unicycle store is: Osell’s Custom Frames 2908 Pentagon
Drive NE St. Anthony, MN 55418
(612) 788-5200 (ask for Terry)

Osell’s also sell another kind of unicycle called Timberline. I don’t have the
prices off hand but it seems like a ‘reasonable’ unicycle.


P.S.If you need a 24" deluxe, I heard that Klutz still has some left for a
cost of $190.

Andy Cotter cotter.cae.wisc.edu Vice President of Unicycling Society of America
(612) 788-9137