Miyata unicycles in the U.S.

Hi Keith.

We have Miyata unicycles in stock, in the Far Eastern State of Georgia. Sizes
include16-, 20- and 24-inch, and the 5-foot Skycycle. If you’d like to pick up a
Miyata in the U.S.A., call us. Our staff is very fluent in English and accepts
U.S. dollars <grin>.

Best regards, John Drummond www.Unicycle.com 1-800-Unicycle

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Unicycles in Japan

> Hi All,
> I am going to Yokohama on business for a week and was wondering if it’s
> possible/practical/economical to pick up a Miyata while I’m there. I
> understand they aren’t exported to the U.S. anymore but I’m wondering if they
> are still built for the Japanese domestic market.
> Any ideas?
> Keith