Miyata Unicycle Pull Out

For those of you interested in getting a new Miyata unicycle in the future might
want to think about doing it soon. Due to poor sales and the unfavorable Yen,
Miyata is pulling out their line of bicycles and most importantly, unicycles,
from the North American market. If things look good they will be back in 1995.

Current stocks of Miyata unicycles are starting to dwindle as the word is
getting out. Here in Minnesota where there are three unicycle clubs, the Miyata
unicycles are starting to get scarce. Last I heard Tom Miller has some left.

Of course my sister and I are well prepared, at current count we have 25
unicycles in the garage.

Andy B. Cotter | cotter.cae.wisc.edu | Will work for food! | “Its so cold here
that I had to jump start my unicycle”