Miyata suspension seatposts and rail seats

Just had a look at the Japanese MYS-co website and found some interesting stuff. There is a Miyata seat that comes equipped with bicycle seat-type rails. As well there is a reinforced seatpost (to stop bending): http://www.mys-co.com/newSite/shopping/cgi-bin/shop.cgi?lang=eng&mode=viewDetail&category=seats

Also there are two suspension seatposts - one of which I saw at UNICON XI. The other curiously provides suspension for “Miyata flamingo sleaze”. :smiley: I wonder what this means? http://www.mys-co.com/newSite/shopping/cgi-bin/shop.cgi?lang=eng then click on “Seatposts” on the menu on the left.

Does anyone own any of these new toys? What are they like?

Tony Melton

That place has some nice looking stuff!
Unicycle.com needs some of these

First one on the list

Re: Miyata suspension seatposts and rail seats

I like the “flamingo” one. It looks like a simple and elegant solution. Not much movement to it and I’d still use my legs to smooth out the bumps, but it’s still a nice looking piece of kit.

Have fun!


Whats $1.00 = to in “yen”??

There is a currency converter at http://www.xe.com/ucc/