Miyata Shopping

Does anybody know where to purchase a Miyata saddle, you cannot order them off of Unicycle.com UK because they won’t ship to US, does anybody know a website where you could get a Miyata saddle, I’m wanting to order today.

Like usual, Bedford. He only cares the green ones though, if that matters.

Who says unicycle.com UK won’t post to the US, have you asked them?

They’ve posted stuff to the US in the past.


How do you go about ordering from them since on their website all there is is a price list, should i email, and since im US will they accept my money??

(oops I meant to add)

You could try ordering from Japan they have seats in Gray as well as Green


On their website with the shipping costs it says that you have to get a carriage service for it to get sent to the US, so they won’t mail it to you directly, and a carriage service is going to cost far too much for me, I guess I could call and maybe beg a little bit.

On their website they cost 40 pounds which is about $70 (coz the way the exchange rate is at moment)

But if you click on the “calculate shipping for this product” link and select country United States it gives you a “contact us” link and I guess if you ask them they will email you back with the shipping price


I would think that the phone call alone would be a lot and the shipping cost with the phone call and the saddle would cost a little bit more than one hundred which definitely isn’t worth it, I’m suprised that UDC USA doesn’t get more because it seems to be very much in demand.

If you are referring to Bedford, you just email him with the order. He’ll give you the cost in USD and send you his mailing address so that you can send a cheque to him. The email address is on the first page of his site.

It sounds way to involved and time consuming, I think I’ll probably just get a Kh, unless somebody knows a different site.

What? All you have to do is place an order by email, then send him a cheque and wait.

It may take a bit of time to get the cheque to him, have it cleared, and have the saddle sent to you, but i wouldn’t think that it would take much more than 2 weeks. I usually get my stuff in a week, but we’re only 4 hours away, and he knows me, so he doesn’t have to wait for the cheque to clear before sending my stuff.

I send him an email with what i want, he tells me the price, i send him a cheque. A week later, i get what i asked for.

the Torker LX seat is the same as a Miyata with a couple improvments and comes in black.


if you have a shop in town that sells Torkers, they can get them too and most likely for cheaper than $40+shipping.

cool you can buy 50 mm cranks in japan


I think I’m gonna go with the Torker LX

Thanks jagur

Wow. In the old days (before places like Unicycle.com), we had to just wait. You couldn’t get stuff. Period! Six months or more to wait for Miyata to ship their next batch of unicycles & parts! No KH! No mountain or Trials unicycles!

The above conversation kind of reminds me of those Carls Jr. commercials: “Without us, some guys would starve.”

If not familiar with the Carls Jr. hamburger chain, it’s Hardees on the East coast. Go here and scroll down to the fourth ad, dragging it over to the big screen:
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Well, I guess I have been somewhat spoiled but sine many people had said the Torker LX seat was fine, why wait, I am not somebody who is impatient, I’m somebody who is progressive and impatient, I wanted to get on my new uni as soon as possible!

Blah Blah Blah, there wasnt a forum to dictate your transgressions either.