Miyata seats - new vs. old style

Does anyone know if the Miyata seats ordered from http://www.mys-co.com are
the old (better) style?

On a related note: Has anyone ordered directly from the above website? If
so, how was the experience. I’m especially interested in the gray seat
(which apparently isn’t available at unicycle.com).


someone on this board months ago during the seat dry spell ordered a grey one.they where happy as i remember.there also was talk about the risk of overseas transactions cause the site was unsecured or something like that.

the end result was good though.

Hmmm…I think I remember talk about the gray plastic being very soft which may equate it to today’s new style Miyatas. I did a quick search but didn’t find the comments I was looking for. Just something out of the dusty corners of the memory.