Miyata Seat

Well someone has to put something here about the new ones. I’ve just got one about 2 weeks ago so I’ll start it up.

Overall in it’s begining state, its not too bad. Perfect for when I was just learning and not doing anything stressful to it. Fairly comfortable and nice colors. The handle is flexy though, and had I used it much more, I’m sure it would have broken soon. 2/5 maybe 2.5/5.

I anticipated pushing it further, so I ordered the GB4 stiffener and Reeder handle. Putting these on was quite a problem. The simple carriage bolts on the saddle for the standard stiffener, handle, and bumper rely on square holes in the saddle to match up with the ones on the bolts. I, like many people, found that these stripped rather easily, leaving me with nothing to do but destroy them with a file(no power tools for the college student).

After the conversion, 3(.5)/5. Its much more rigid now and I feel safe pulling on the seat and handle as hard as I please. Its nothing compared to a carbon fibre airseat, but for the drop in price (~$100) between them, it’s a good alternative.

Nick Hoover

I’ve just bought one of the old Miyata saddles that’s made in Japan. Personally, I’d like something in between the Viscount and the Miyata. The Viscount’s really stiff and strong once you add new screws to it and the Miyata is really comfortable but has a lot of flex.

I get put off because of the flex in the handle and also in the whole seat. I’m about to get a stiffener plate and possibly also a lift handle, but I’m worried that without them, the handle will break. I’ve been told by many people that the old ones won’t break but I still don’t like the flex. Also, the sides are quite sharp and hurt your hand when doing stuff with the seat out.

Another thing to note is that after riding with the seat for only a few days I realised that one of the nuts holding the seat to the seatpost was loose. I’m not sure whether this worked it’s way loose or came loose but in my opinion this isn’t a good thing.

Another good point about the seat, however is the fact that to me it seems very light and feels a lot lighter than the Viscount. It’s also quite narrow and easy to get out from between your legs.

Overall, it’s a really comfortable seat and obviously very popular, but I don’t feel confident about it staying in one piece.


As far as durability goes over a long period of time, I’m really not sure how well it’ll do, owing to the fact I’ve only had mine for a couple months and haven’t really put it to the test. However, compared to the other pieces of poo that i’ve had to call seats in the past, it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Great shape, not too padded. I give it 7.5/10.

My new blue miyata saddle lasted maybe a month and a bit. The handle finally ripped off while I was hopping causing two cracked ribs for me due to a very ungraceful UPD.
For freestyle they may be great if you cut the handle right off but for Muni or trials I’d be cautious. Check the handle regularly and fix it as soon as you see a problem.

I’m going to have to change my rating of the old Japanese Miyata saddles to 8/10. I’ve ridden a lot more with it so far and it’s really comfortable. Although I grip the handle at about 45 degrees on the left and don’t put as much stress as others on it, it hasn’t broken. I’m getting used to the flex now and it’s a really comfortable seat.


how wide is the miyata seat?