Miyata Seat + KH Seat Cover = massive frustration

I saw a similar thread to this one that had turned bad…I hope this one goes well.

So, I recieved my box o’ stuff from unicycle.com today, including the GB4 Stiffener plate, the GB4 handle, an air seat kit, and the roach(kh) seat cover.

I drilled a new hole for the GB4 Handle, installed the plate, handle and seat post, got the airseat setup, but I CANNOT fit the KH seat cover over the seat base. I tried and I tried and I tried, and I am now convinced that the cover is just too small. I even tried putting in on without the airseat.

Anybody else experience this? the KH cover IS for miyata saddles isn’t it? Is there more than one shape miyata seat? Do I need a cover other than the KH?

…kind of a bummer to have a project crash and burn. :angry:

Are you trying to put the vinyl cover from the KH seat on a miyata saddle? Or are you trying to put a roach cover on a miyata seat…or on a KH Velo saddle?

There are almost certainly different models of the KH cover, unmarked. Here is one on a Miyata base with a Kinport handle. It seemed to work ok although the cover string acted more like a Miyata wire than a drawstring and I had to use the clips to hold it on.

I couldn’t even get mine on THAT far.

I thought I was going crazy. I called unicyle.com, and they confirmed that the recieved a batch of short covers, and they’re going to send me a new one that’s been tested.

Yes, I had the same problem recently. I ordered a “Roach” seat cover from unicycle.com for the 29’er I had just built. The seat cover was not the same as the Roach cover I had bought a few months previously (for my MUni). The first Roach cover was the old kind that had the “pockets” that slip over the ends of the seat and the draw string. The new old was obviously meant to be held by the seat cover clips (and it had someone’s signature on the back). Unfortunately it would not slip over the Myata seat base that I had also just bought, and I tried everything. I finally decide that since it was for the 29er, I could modify the seat base, making it smaller. Using a heat gun and hack saw, I was able to fashion something that worked, but let’s just say I’m glad the seat cover covered everything up. Next time I try to put together a seat I will make some exploratory calls to see what the current set-up is. Or perhaps the people in the know could enlighten us here.