Miyata saddles?

why such a shortage on them? I looked on unicycle.com and it said not available until 2007 whats the deal with that? and is there ANYWERE…in the u.s that you can get them?

some kind of exanche stop between some country and the u.s if I understood right… but I cant tell u that that info is 100% right…


I think I have a miyata on my old shwinn. It has blue sides and a white top and it is sooooooo comfortable.

Use the search function, there are about 30 posts on this exact subject.

dude you can make a miyata air saddle. look on here

A Torker LX saddle is the same. UDC has those.

make one

in about 2002 it said they won’t be available till 2003. each year it goes up by one…don’t expect them to be available anytime soon. get a Torker LX instead, they’re just the same, only not as pretty.

2 words …Darren Bedford he sels seat bases and foam for the miyata i belive he also sells the coveers.

I guess Miyata don’t have much interest in the US unicycle market and are in no rush to sell them over here.

It could be they could be trying to fix the flaws in the saddle from when they moved production from Japan to China. Since Torker are made in China too, I would think the Torker saddle is very similar.

If you are really desperate you can try and buy them direct from Japan 3200 yen is $27.50 but shipping might be expensive.

IMHO the only good thing about them was they were quite lightweight, I broke two quite fast before I bought carbon-fiber bases for them. I guess Japanese kids are quite small and lightweight and only do indoor riding so they don’t need to be too strong.


How much does he want for the foam?

That would be a way better idea then using cut-down foam for my cf seatbase (like I’m doing now)–I need a new piece either of the miyata or the kh.

Send him an email info@bedfordunicycles.ca. It can’t be much because if the miyata is just like the torker lx then it is just the stuff they put under carpets.