Miyata Saddle!?

were can you get them!!! I can’t find them ANYWERE!!! it makes me soo mad I want one so bad!! my seat is to wide and bulky and I can’t find the miyata saddle!!! :angry:

Get a Torker LX, same thing, but black.

I already have a unicycle I just want the saddle

go to unicycle.com and look under unicycle harware then saddles then go to torker and click on the torker lx saddle



If you desperately need a miyata specifically then you can get them from here, http://www.mys-co.com/

you can even get them with rail brackets or their crazy super enforced seat post.

Yeah, I meant get a Torker LX saddle.

Another saddle that is close in form factor to the miyate is the gel saddles available from Unicycle.com


Miyata saddles are no longer as popular as they once were. A few years back, before KH saddles come out they were about the nicest saddle you could find.

Unfortunately back around 2002 they changed the manufacturing process and saddle design a bit, with the result that the newer saddles were significantly poorer quality. There were problems with the bolts spinning when attaching the saddle to the seat post and some places stopped carrying the miyata saddles. If miyata never fixed the problem this may be a reason why you can not find a miyata saddle. It would not be worth a store selling a saddle which is going to break very quickly and require costly repairs.