miyata saddle

I’m planning on buying a miyata saddle because I find the KH saddles to curved. Will a miyata saddle stand up to the damage like a KH? And is there padding on the sides of the saddle because I don’t want it to rub. I also heard there is a bolt spinning problem or something with the miyata is that fixable/a big problem?

If you want to stiffen up the strength of the Miyata / Torker LX saddle get the GB4 stiffener plate for $10.00 from UDC.


miayta to kh

I did the same. the kh saddle was too curve for me eather. So i bought in www.municycle.com vitteli. its something like miyata but has another name on it. I dont have problem with the bolt spinning problem. not in that model. But for me the padding in that miyata was so hard that I could not stand it for a longer time. :slight_smile: It was difficult for me to sit on it for a moment it was like desk :). but after repleacing that soft pad inside the seat with the tube with the air using standard seat cover The seat is much more comfortable that kh. of course it depends on the people. for most the kh is the best. but I have to add that kh is much more stiffner and have much stronger hand than miayta. I dont have much problem with that seat but if you put much stress on it I think that kh could stand more…or mayby just try to make air conversion on kh that can solve your problem using the fusion cover…

Will that fit an “old-style” Miyata saddle? I have an old-style saddle with a broken plastic base on my 20" freestyle. I was considering whether a stiffener would enable be to salvage it.