Miyata Saddle Question

I’ve noticed in all the unicycling videos and photos that I’ve collected, that so many people ride with Miyata saddles. At the same time, I keep hearing people talking about how weak they are and how the lift handle cracks. If these problems do exist, why do so many people still use the brand? Are they real problems or are people just exaggerating?

I was also wondering what part of the lift handle actually breaks. Does anyone have a photo of a broken one?

Andrew Carter

The Miyata is a good seat. Or rather, was a good seat… it seems more recent ones have had handles made of poorer materials, so they crack lots. Both of mine have cracks; I’ve tried to get used to holding them differently so they don’t crack, but I’m just holding out for something better.

Yoopers has a good idea on this one, but I’ve never plucked up the courage to drill a hole through mine… Frankenyata I think it was called…

Phil, just me


Re: Miyata Saddle Question

andrew_carter <andrew_carter.ckekz@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote in


You may be lucky if you are quick. Juggleart in Melbourne had some of the
old Miyata Saddles a few weeks ago, you may still be able to get one. They
ship within Australia for free and the saddle is about $90 AUD.

Their web site is www.juggleart.com


James (jimmy)

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They are great!!!..untile the crack. :angry:
I have 4 miyata seats that are cracked…errg.
But i just leave them on and keep on hopping, the only thing is they bend so I cant get as high, and so far they havn’t fallen off yet, heh. So many people use miyata because there there is no perfect seat yet made, and the miyata is very good for the lift handle comfort…unitil they crack! :angry:
No worries mate, i’ll find a soloution! :smiley:
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uhhg…mabye we can call martha stewart about this issue.


Sorry Yoda,

Martha’s not gonna be talking to the public for a while, she did some insider trading and its about to catch up to her. Better try someone else. Maybe that Christopher guy who has his own home decorating show he has some FABULOUS home decorating ideas, perhaps he can help us with a seat.

Thanks phil, that’s exactly the type of picture I was looking for. Is a crack like that caused by the saddle hitting the ground or is it caused by pulling up too hard on the handle? If I’m getting a Miyata saddle should I expect it to crack?

I’ll also try www.juggleart.com but I don’t want to order a replacement if the original one doesn’t break. Is it likely that they’ll get another shipment of Miyata saddles in later on in the year, and will they still ship it from Melbourne to Brisbane for free?


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andrew_carter <andrew_carter.cljk1@timelimit.unicyclist.com> wrote in


Juggleart do have a fairly steady supply of Miyata Saddles, however they
have very limited stock of the old ones (the ones that don’t break as
easily). I suspect that you will be able to get a Miyata Saddle from them
for a while, but after a few months or so they will be the new made in
China ones that break.

I don’t know if they will ship to Brisbane for free, try calling and
asking. They ship to Sydney without a problem.


James (jimmy)

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it’s ‘Proactively User-Hostile’!

Yes, excessive hopping makes them crack :angry:

No not the gay dude, if we depended on him we would end up with pink and purple seats with flower bolts. the world of uniycling would be changed forever…the thoughts make me quiver.

Mabye Emiril??? lol
kick it up a notch! Bam! New stronger seat that wont crack! Bam!
(help unicyle.com…i’m running out of ideas)



You can see a picture of our fix for our cracked Miyata seat handle at http://photos.yahoo.com/yoopers98 Click on the “Miyata” folder.


Re: Miyata Saddle Question

In respnse to Jimmy (James) Juggleart have a stack of Miyata seats in
stock. I got one this week- $88, free shipping. Expect to see it in the
Sydney to Gong ride for MS (92km) on 3rd November and James should be on
his Coker at that stage also…


That’s a really good idea and the puicture helped a lot. Do you have to be careful where you drill those holes? Thanks for the suggestion.

If the old Miyata saddle is better, why did they make a worse and weaker model?


Yes, I would take your time and definitely employ the ol’ carpenter’s rule of thumb, measure twice, cut once. It’ll be important to ensure the hole is properly located to allow some material to remain above the hole (as the saddle sits upside down). If not, then the fix is obviously no good.

Matter of fact, after thinking about it, I would even recommend drilling the holes without the cover in place so you can see exactly where the drill bit is going to hit the saddle base. You can always punch through the vinyl cover later.

Our fixed Miyata saddle continues to do well. We’ll report back to the group if we experience problems.

All the best,

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