Miyata saddle handle replacement


I have recently mounted one of the handles that I make on a stock Miyata saddle (plastic base).

I have tested this for durabilty and everything seems to be holding up just fine. It’s taken falls on a Coker and many drops from a height of 6 feet or so.

I’ve posted pictures and a detailed explanation (Microsoft Word document) in the following directory:

The handles are available from Unicycle.com at the following url:

There is general information about my handles on my website (see signature). Additionally, I’m happy to answer any questions here or by email (gbarnes (AT) iastate.edu).


is a little easier to look at.


instead of keeping your grip on with String? you should try hair spray. Just spray it inside the grip, slide grip on to handle, and let dry. While wet, the spray acts like a lube, then it gets really sticky.
-David Kaplan

That’s a motocross grip you see, its only on there because its all I had laying around when I was taking pictures. It has a slightly larger inside diameter and is meant to be wired on (not string). If you look at one of these grips they have channels for the wire to sit in.

I also use PAM cooking spray on my grips.

i use salsa handlebar tape on my handle.

if it is wraped properly its tighter than a grip and no matter how wet it gets it will not go loose. It is also alot skinnier than a grip and does’nt grab your clothes,cauze rubber is like that yah know,sticky

jagur -

Interesting idea. I assume this is road bike handlebar tape? What did you do for a plug on the open end, use the one that came with the tape?

Did you wrap around the bend, or stop after the first piece?

Pictures please…

Hey George, how come you get screwed over by Unicycle.com? Eventhough Chris designed them, YOU are the one putting in all the work to make them. They should be called Barnes Handles or something like that. I demand an answer! Stand up for yourself man!
-David Kaplan

yes,i rapped the whole thing elbow and all.

i used a run of the mill plastic handle bar plug.i choose the plastic kind becauze they are more slippery than the rubber ones, they allwayz catch my pants.

i think the next time i might use a roll of Velox rim strip tape becauze its even skinnier and grippy like no other.plus its 3$ bucks a roll and that roll could go 4 or 5 good rappings.

thanx alot for making these.it is such a great improvment on the miyata finger strainer,i could never go back

Heh, I guess “Reeder handle” sounds better than “Barnes handle”.

oh ya and yes it is road bike h-bar tape

I know everyone lauds the George Barnes handle and all, but the only problem I have is that I like to switch hands when I ride.

I thought KH was working on a handle that would allow this but not create the finger problems that one has with the Miyata handle.

Anyone know about this or if anything similar is in the works?

i switch handz more now with it than i ever did before.

i have now re-wrapped the handle useing Velox rim tape and that stuff stays put.Velox is harder to wrap than regular handlebar tape,but the strenth and bond is like cement.

another cool feature about using Velox is its sold in single rollz,unlike handlebar tape