miyata problems

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>I got a flat and was able to patch the tube, on my 24" miyata deluxe, no
>problem, but after I reassembled it the tire was rubbing on the fork, After
>tighting the fork on better it seemed fixed, but after monting it
>so I took the fork off and put it back on to find that it was aligned againg,
>any suggestions why?

I really like the seat & weight of the miyata, but IMO this is one of the
negative features. Because the fork is so narrow, there is little room for error
in alignment. Once the spokes get weak and/or break then you need to have the
wheel realigned otherwise the tire will rub against the fork. When aligning the
tire after taking it apart, I place those plastic tire removers between the fork
& tire & tighten the bolts. This helps me tighten the bolts evenly.

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