Miyata problems

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… Discussion on the Miyata deleted …

I got a knurled bolt and conventional nut for the Miyata seat post last night. I
can still use the flat wrench that came with the Miyata to tighten it, so I feel
somewhat better. I haven’t had a chance to ride it yet, though, so I’ll have to
wait to see how it is. I’m in a better mood now, but I still don’t understand
why Miyatas are considered so good. I’ll have to ride mine more and see.

> If you really want a difficult transition, try changing wheel sizes for
> all of your riding. In 1984 I started doing all my freestyle on a 20"
> instead of a 24", and it took me almost a year to get used to it!

I’m going through size shift now. I’ve been riding a 24" Schwinn since the 70’s,
and a 28" UF since last February. I got the 20" Miyata because I felt like I was
hitting the skill wall with the 24" model. It hasn’t been too hard to transfer
my skills to the 20" unicycle, although I pretty much just have skills up
through level 4. I’m at the point, though, where its weird switching between
them. Saturday I practiced on the 20" model for a while, then later when I got
on the 28" UF it was like climbing stairs until I adjusted. I’ll be glad when I
am used to all three.


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