Miyata owners thread

Hello~ this thread is for Miyata owners. I have had mine for about three weeks now and I want to know what everyone else thinks of them.

So if you are lucky enough to be a Miyata rider, please share what model and size wheel it is, how long you’ve had it, how much you paid for it, what you like and dont like about it, and how you’ve modified it.

Mine is a Flamingo 20, I bought it new from juggleart about three weeks ago for 450 AUD. I love it because its a beautiful uni that looks and feels like its top quality, the chromoly frame is light and strong and the seat is really comfy, its a pure joy to ride and the 1.75 slick tire make riding feel smoooth. The only thing I dont like is the quick release on the top half of the seat post.

I bought this uni to learn freestyle since my only uni before this was a KH24, and I cant imagine ever wanting another uni for freestyle other than my Miyata

They still make Miyatas? :smiley:

Nice to know they’re still being ridden by members of this community. They’re still top of the line for Freestyle, Track and general riding around. From around 1980 onward, they had the most advanced saddles in the world, and this only changed when Kris Holm started developing his seats with Velo. Since then, Miyata has fallen way behind in the seat department.

I have several Miyatas, including one from 1978 which is possibly the oldest one in the USA. It was pictured in the Unicycling Society of America newsletter in that year to introduce the brand over here. I also have lots of Miyata parts scattered around in various non-Miyata unicycles. Then I have two UniVega 20s, which are basically early-80s Miyatas with different branding.

Oh and my one “normal” bicycle is also a Miyata, a 1989 Triplecross. It doesn’t get out much.

I am pretty sure they dont make them anymore. Anything you buy in a store will be new old stock, which mine is. I am tempted to buy the last of the ones juggleart have left just so I will never be lacking for miyatas!

I find the Miyata seats a little flatter on top, which seems better for freestyle. My only issue with them is the back is wider than I’d like, makes it difficult to pull the seat through my legs for seat-in-front.


Still around!

I just ordered some 22.2mm seat posts from their web site. The shipment got here in about a week (!), but they only sent 1 (I ordered 2). Anyways they’re going to send me the second post. Their English is not too bad.

They have a carbon fiber frame on their web site (20" and 24"). Anyone know anything about it?

And why doesn’t anybody sell their equipment?

so what makes these unicycles so desirable?

Yes. Though Miyata pulled out of the US market way back in 1993, we were able to wangle still getting unicycles through their warranty parts center. But they’ve been gone for a few years now (here)…

MYS is the “store” arm of the Japan Unicycling Association. That may be where many of Japan’s top riders get their cycles. I don’t know much about the carbon frame though.

Not much anymore. Back before unicycle.com, they were way ahead of pretty much every other unicycle available. Not that there were many available… :slight_smile:

Hello Thorvald

If I remember correctly…
The frame “Carbon Folk Garda” is made by the firm that specializes in a bike design for Tour de France. This firm is located in Desenzano del Garda, Italy.

features: 20" 315g but it is for Miyata specific hub only :-o
the Japan vendor assumes the racing market.

Have a good trip. cheers

Someone should buy this frame and post a review. I wonder if you could build a decent trials uni from this frame and whatever Miyata hubs/parts that would go with it.

Miyata hubs are square taper, so that would kind of limit its usefulness as a Trials uni. :frowning:

Hello unibabyguy, thank you for your reply. “>Someone should have a review.” For sure.
I also hope to see its potential, such as strength of frame, feeling of riding and so on.

By the way, whoever owns miyata uni with square taper can switch it to this carbon frame easily.
Is it acceptable for IUF regulations on racing competition?


for accurate information…

Actually, I do not know whether miyata users can switch normal frame to Garda Frame easily or not. I hope so. We have to check some compatibiliy.

And I did not answer Thorvald’s question :smiley: I have Flamingo 24" (price? approx. 13,000 JPY. I can’t remember it)

No reason why it shouldn’t be; I’m sure that’s the type of environment it’s intended for.

Since the Miyata environment seems to have only one unicycle hub, I’m sure it’s compatble with most, if not all, Miyata frames or other products on the MYS site. Naturally, get this confirmed before ordering!

Hello johnfoss, thanks for your quick response!

“> rules and regulations” I relieave to hear that. I mean, it was material issue. I do not know any carbon material effect and the probability (not possibility) of breaking a record after another, such as swimwear case(LZR RACER). :stuck_out_tongue:

“> compatibility” As you said, it’s compatible most in miyata environment. Garda as well. Naturally, it should be comfirmed whenever ordering.

I have another uni, not Miyata. Also I hope that splined hubs will become more common in Japan. Miyata owners can not replace with splined hubs relatively easy because of its unique shaped fork-ends. A carbon frame? It is not just welding-brazing skills! :’(

Best regards

I have a Miyata 24" that I use for basketball and campus transportation. The thing I like about it for basketball is the narrow hub; the narrower your uni, the better it is for ball sports. (Probably for track, also). Until the Nimbus Eclipse came out there wasn’t a narrow ISIS hub available, and I think they still don’t have a 24" narrow frame.

I need some help from anyone who has bought stuff from the Miyata webstore Mys-co.com

I have placed stuff in my shopping cart and have filled out all my postage details but I cant find where it actually says finalize my order or pay now and ship the damn stuff. Any help anyone?

Although Miyata may have been left behind by modern developments but they still deserve a lot of respect.

Their saddle was the best around for years and it was only when they switched manufacture to China did it really drop from the picture.

Their freestyle frames are made from a very high grade CrMo steel and beautifully finished! The attention to detail is fantastic.

We had their hub tested and it had a hardness that staggered the metologist who was testing it. It was not in the same league as a modern CrMo hub; but showed figures that were bordering on perfection for the material used. This included a careful tempering of the threaded area to allow the threads not to strip! (the later ones failed here)

Still a nice peice of kit after all these years. :slight_smile:


My first unicycle was a 24" Miyata I got for Christmas as a kid back in 1981. I still have it, but it’s currently a few states away from me. When I get back to it, I hope to tune it up a bit and give it a new tire and (yet another) new seat (both desperately needed!). Ditto for my 24" Kabuki I got in 1986.

There should be a “Checkout” link in the upper left hand portion of the main page. It will turn yellow once you have something in your cart. I’ve got it circled in red on the attached screen shot.

I seem to vaguely recall, after getting through all the details, of just hitting the “return” key, once I arrived on the final checkout page. I also vaguely recall hitting the “tab” button, to navigate through some of the checkout options, since the web page didn’t display correctly when I used IE6 (which is really old!), and I could see those options once I started hitting the tab.