miyata muni?

I saw the Miyata Muni today and I was wondering if anyone has ridden one.

they have one here https://www.mys-co.com/shop_e/shop_main02.html?cat=1&id=80&psid=b85b54c2be2f4bcbf7eda0de9219f76b

I was also wondering what that hole was below the seat.


wow, ive never seen one of those. it looks like an O.K. unicycle

It looks like a suspension system of some sort, but I have never seen that uni either.

It is indeed a suspension system. Personally, I would not ride this. The specs are a bit ridiculous. The seat-post and cranks are aluminum which will snap easy. Also, it apears to have lolly-pop bearings which, although some people like them, have always seemed useless to me. the tires a 26" which will provide speed but may not hold up for big drops, also I would expect that the suspension makes it more difficult to hop.

It says that the suspension is optional.
But the tire is a 26X20? is that 2.0?

The Miyata bearing style is fine (as is the Pashley), despite looking a little like a lollipop. The bad bearings are the ones on cheap unicycles, where a round frame tube has two bolts through it, perpendicular to the main axis of the unicycle. The Miyata has the fork blades flattened, and thus doesn’t have the breakage problems that the cheap unis have. The Pashley has the bolts parallel to the unicycle axis, which also works better.

That said, I don’t think that uni looks very useful.

I had to blow up the image and brighten it up a bit to see what was going on there. What looks like an open gap below the seat actually has a dark section of post in it, I am guessing a shock absorber with a black rubber covering over it; the odd bit that zigs out behind that is apparently a sliding brace that keeps the saddle aligned - I can’t think of what the proper mechanical/engineering term for it is.


“A new designed unicycle attracts users of all over the world. It is the Miyata mountain unicycle ! It is specked to apply for rough riding, regarding moving functions on offroads very important.”

Glad to hear Miyata-san’s Muni vision so clearly articulated. That description is truly one for the ages . . .


Sounds like Thanh-uni wrote that one… life imitates art, art imitates life…

Thanks for the Information:D

I believe the web site said the tire was 1.5"? If it’s a regular Miyata Deluxe frame, the usual 1.75 tire is a wide as you’re going to get. This frame may be wider though, as it has to be tall enough to fit the larger diameter.

Valid concerns, except for the bearings, which have already been addressed. We’ve come a long way from where we were a few years back, when Miyata was the best unicycle in the world. It’s still a great Freestyle uni, but the Japanese market has not changed much while ours has widened considerably.

Japan is still fairly new to MUni for several reasons. One is that organized unicycling over there is mostly schoolyard, track and gymnasium-based, in that order. Competitions are based around (24") track racing, and indoor Freestyle. Also, trails might be harder to come by. 100 million people living in a country the size of California is only part of the problem. Most of Japan is steep mountains (good) but 80% of the population lives on 20% of the land area; the flat parts (bad). For most people it may be hard to get to trails, and there may not be too many to begin with.

Anyway, a good set of alloy cranks will hold up great. I’m riding 20 year old IDOL cranks, from old Miyatas, on several of my unicycles. The same is true for a seat post, as long as it’s engineered for the stresses of the vehicle. That said, if it were a Trials unicycle it wouldn’t be the best choice. Lastly the suspension. I’m not sure as it really depends on how the mechanism works. Some are better than others, but generally suspension seatposts are good for trail riding and bad for Trials riding. This is not a Trials unicycle.

I have also not seen one of the Miyata MUnis in real life. I may have been around one or more of them at Unicon 12 in Japan, but didn’t notice. So they haven’t actually acheived worldwide fame yet…

well they are selling the seat post seperately, looks pretty interesting, i’m tempted to try it but i have no use for suspension, https://www.mys-co.com/shop_e/shop_main02.html?cat=2&id=66&psid=72baaf39ca54cdda348e2850b68b85df

Check out this Titanium Muni/Trials they are selling!!



they spelled seat clamp “seat CRAMP” lol

that titanium one looks cool except the ugly bearing holders,
would it hold a profile crankset??

only 36800 yen?!

well the crank and hub set isnt really a muni set so if you were to put a good crank/hub set on it it would be about 600 bucks

As John says, “Definitely yes”.I agree with your opinion.
I’ve never heard good fame from Japan Trials & MUni unicyclists. A friend of mine told me balace of two forks was not good, so he felt in his bones that it’s bad lateral tracking stability for riding, and it’s also a little large for Trials & MUni. In addition to above comments, first impression of Miyata Muni with optional suspension was bump-and-grind.

JUA and Uni-vendors seems to be worried about increasing number of children (under high school age) who may have an accident while on Trials and/or MUnis. For proceeding with “trials riding” instead of “trail riding”, it may be hesitant for them to take a progressive approach to the creation of a better environment on Trials & Munis.
I’m thinking that they wait and see how things go for the time being. As to presenting real Trials&MUnis from Japan vendor, it would take some time unless marketing needs shifts from a child into an adult.
I hope the time will come soon.

JUA MIYATA MONTY joint dev model

“seat cramp” project as a joint development with Monty Python :smiley: