Miyata inquiries

Jack Halpern writes:

>In the meantime, if you want to buy Miyata unicycles or parts, you can do so
>directly by contacting Mr. Kamei. His English is reasonable so communications
>should not be a problem. Miyata will take care of orders directly anywhere, not
>just the US.

> Isao Kamei Miyata Industry Co., Ltd. Overseas Department 1-1-1
> Shimnomachiya, Chigasaki City Kanagawa Prefecture JAPAN 253 Phone:
> +81-467-85-3339 (“81” is the country code for Japan) Fax: +81-467-87-3587

I recently sent Mr. Kamei a letter requesting price list information. In it I
suggested that he send Jack a list that he could transmit electronically to all
the mailing list & newsgroup members. That was a couple of weeks ago, so if he
responds it should be sometime soon.

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