Miyata handle

My miyata handle ripped, so I think I need to use the frankenyata fix. Since the search function isn’t working, does anyone know where one of the threads that explains it is?

I was also thinking how it would be easier to just get a new handle- so does anybody happen to have a miyata handle lying around because they upgraded to a different type of handle? I’d pay maybe $5 plus shipping. I wouldn’t want to pay too much since I could get a Kinport for $20. I don’t really want to spend that much though.



Here’s a link to the gallery that has a description of the “Frankenyata” fix. Good Luck!


Now, is it difficult to remove the handle when it has that bolt going through the side of the base? Because my saddle is an air saddle and I would need to take the handle off sometimes to get the air saddle part off.


Hey Nikki.

I posted the pics that Jason gave you the link to. I’ve developed a more extensive FAQ for it at this address:


Would you be willing to be our first guinea pig and try it out? I’d love to get your feedback.

If the side bolts are not easy enough to get back out upon occasion, you can just cut them a little shorter.

So, if I only want to do the Yoopers fix (without installing other new hardware), I will not have to take the handle off, right?

And the thread protectors go on the two bolts used in the Yoopers fix?

I think I’ll pick this stuff up when I can get to a hardware store and then I’ll have my dad help me install it.


That’s right.


Cool. Write down anything that’s wrong and we’ll fix it. :slight_smile:

If you can get stainless fender washers instead, use them. Good luck!

A note to Nikki and anyone else using this FAQ:

The FAQ is still in review mode. Please feel free to review it and send me your comments or post them here. But this isn’t the official announcement.

There are still a couple of issues with the seat upgrade hardware. Some galvanized carriage bolts do not fit well with the s-s nuts. Investigate as much as possible at the h-w store before buying. I will try s-s carriage bolts, but I’m not sure how easy they will be to trim, and they may require lock washers, since they fit more loosely. They are also 80 cents each!

Use the red thread protectors for the Yoopers Fix machine screws, not the black ones. I think the parts list may be incorrect.


Thanks! My dad helped me fix the handle today and it worked well. It doesn’t flex at all anymore. Your instructions were very helpful, although we did forget to put the washer on before we put the screw in at first! :smiley: I guess I should have paid better attention!

I put some pictures of it in my gallery: http://gallery.unicyclist.com/albuq71

Thanks again!


I just looked at your gallery and saw the pic of you and your dog… is that a pug? It’s so cute! I have a pug (too) named Prince!

You’re welcome, Nikki. It looks like you did a very nice job!

Thanks also to Bruce who invented the fix.


Yes, that is a pug! You have a pug, too? I love pugs! Actually, most would say that I am obsessed. (but who doesn’t put a mini pug calendar as well as pictures of their pug in their locker, and wear Pugwear t-shirts?) By the way, you should check out pugwear, it’s pretty cool. www.pugwear.com


My dad really applied the fix. I showed him your pictures and what to buy and he put it together. He’s a contractor. It did turn out nice. I’m looking forward to using it (for years to come). :slight_smile:

True, true… hehehe… I’d say that just about everyone with a pug is obsessed with it.

That site is more than a FAQ, it’s a fully documented manual. Well done.

Is the Yoopers fix indoor safe? Meaning is it safe for a saddle with the Yoopers fix to be used indoors on a gym floor where you have to make sure that nothing metal can hit and damage the floor. It looks like it may not be indoor safe. Is there any way to modify it so that it is indoor safe?

I just suddenly got this picture in my mind of hundreds of unicyclists showing up at nationals with Yoopers modified saddles and carving up the gym floors. :astonished:

As of now the bolt heads hit the ground. I haven’t found a way to a) prevent that, or b) replace the bolt head with something benign.

I had the idea of putting a thick rubber band around the handle for indoor use to cover the heads but haven’t tried it. It probably would interfere with the leg action.

Perhaps a nylon bolt of some kind?

I’ll see what I can come up with. If anyone out there knows fasteners please post something.

What about coating the exposed metal hardware with Plasti Dip?

I wonder how well the Plasti Dip colors match the Miyata bumper colors?

I don’t know how well it would hold up and it’s probably not the cheapest option. It looks like it’s about $7 to $9 for 14.5 fl oz of the stuff. 14.5 oz is way more that you’d need to dip a couple of bolts.

A perfect opportunity for some social engineering at Nationals. I could see a couple scenarios…one where an entrepreneurially-oriented someone buys a bottle of Dip and sets up shop…coating bolts for all the new Yoopies at $2 a pop, and second, where a more communally-oriented individual shows up with a bottle of Dip, lays out their hat for donations, and holds a good old-fashioned Dip Fest in the parking lot. Yoopies from all over spontaneously congregate to dip their bolts, share stories of their “conversion” experiences, and reminisce about how bad it was before they got their fix. Someone slides a Dead CD into their car stereo, a shaft of sunlight pierces through the Minnesota clouds, and there’s uni dancin’ in the streets…

Doesn’t look like it extends too much, perhaps a quick and dirty solution would be to just cover it with gaffer tape (or duck tape, if you like :p).

I’m not so idealistic.
I was looking around the Plasti Dip web site and noticed that their corporate office and production facility are in Blaine, Minnesota, a Minneapolis suburb. A third option would be for a bunch of unicyclists dressed in black to break in to their production facility and dip their bolts for free. :slight_smile:

Hmmm… I wonder how easy it would be to find a phone line to get back out again?

even if plasti dip works,how many hits will it take be for the medal shows though.?

some sort of carridge bolt with a plastic cap would be cool,then you could just tighten it from the inside.

or if you know your uni is freestyle only you could just shave off the handle,leaving the bumper like some people do.

ive been using a Stealth Torker (black) handle for months now without the slightest sign of a tear.i think they are slightly stonger but its still flexier than the old Jap. handles.