miyata handle bolt patterns

[B]does anybody know what the differance in the handle bolt pattern is on the new handles vs. the old ones?

is it wider,tighter,farther apart or what?how much widening of a new handles holes would have to be done to match an old handles bolt pattern for a already drilled seat plate?

is the rear bumper on the new seats drilled differantly too?

anyone with a Kinport handle know which hole pattern is used,new or old?

thanx… [/B]

I didn’t realize the bolt patterns were different. My Kinport handle fits onto both of my Miyata saddles and I think they are both the new ones (bought in May and August). They go on very tight, which I consider to be a good thing.

yes,they are differant

Re: miyata handle bolt patterns

My Kinport handle fits onto my miyata (new) saddle fine. I also had an old
miyata handle (green) on there too. They all fit great…


thanx Dylan

anyone else got somthing to add about the pattern?

The bolt pattern for the Kinport handles came from the new Miyata bolt pattern. I didn’t know that there was a difference between old and new until I read this thread and measured some handles. Why would they have done that??!!

I’ve loaned out my MUni that has an old seat base so I can’t measure it but I did put a Kinport handle and bumper on it with no problems. My MUni with a new seat base also has the Kinport stuff.

I measured old and new handles and bumpers and found that the holes in the old parts are about 1/16" (or less) closer between hole centers than the new parts. But, I think there’s enough slop in all the holes that everything still works together. The holes in the Kinport handles and bumpers are drilled oversize on purpose just to make the dimensions less critical.

If you need actual dimensions for the bolt holes let me know. Hope this helps!

Steve Howard

thanx showard,

i was curious just how differantly sized the bolt patterns were from each other because i have a older stonger miyata handle that i wanted to use.i was worried that if i drilled my CF plate and the handle broke if i would have to drill again (i dont want to swiss cheese my CF plate).it sounds like i’ll be fine though,1/16 ai’nt much at all.

“why would they have done that” you ask? i dont know,but the trouble just does’nt seem to stop with the newer Miyata seats.in case you didnt know the seat cover material on the newer ones is cheaper and thiner than the old kind and on the colored side wall you see 2 seams,one in front and one in back.on the older there is only 1 seam in front.

<I hereby resurrect this thread from the dead>

I found out today that rear Kinport bumpers will NOT fit on the older Japanese made Miyata saddles. The front Kinport handle fits old and new Miyata saddles fine. But there’s no way the rear one fits! Why on earth would they change the dimensions like this?
This is really frustrating as I just bought two of these to replace bumpers borrowed off Miyata saddles to build airseats. I guess it’s not too bad in the case of my CF airseat, where I can slot out the carriage bolt holes…

That’s a bummer,

Why can’t you put them on the CF base and drill it out to fit?

That is so strange! I was just looking at this thread…this thread from 2 years ago. And here it is. Anyways, to add some relevance to my post, couldnt you just ream out the hole in the bumper a little? Or even in the base if it is plastic?

you sould have dug a little deeper and you have found another thread by me about the rear bumper exclusivly. theres a link in one of Showards posts that has pics in it after the differance was noted but of couse…wait for it…the gallery is down,ahh

Kinport rear bumpers do not fit old miyata saddle

Thanks, Jagur. Somehow I thought this would have been mentioned here, but couldn’t find it.

OB1 - there isn’t enough material on the bumper itself to make the holes bigger, but making the holes in the plastic seat base may work. I may end up doing this…