Miyata cover for KH...

Hi everyone,

I’m about to replace my original KH seat base with a carbon fibre one, but I also wanted to take a layer of foam out to make holding onto the seat for out-in front stuff easier.

Obviously if I do this the regular KH covers won’t fit, so I was hoping someone would know if a standard leather replacement Miyata cover would fit over the KH base? Of course I’d cut or replace the foam to the Miyata depth.

Thanks a lot,

Not sure if the Miyata cover would fit, as the miyatas are flatter then the KH saddles.

If no one gives you an answer, I will ask Roger, he will know.

You not fancy making a KH air saddle? :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually, as you mention it I’m making one for my muni, I’ve hollowed out the foam and when I’ve got some extra £££ I’ll get the rest of the stuff. I was gonna do it this month, but I have to go abroad urgently… So :frowning: Would a large leather Miyata fit for an air converted KH do you reckon?

Oh yeah, does your trials seat have just an air cushion without foam Joe? If so, how does it feel to ride and hold out front etc?


I made the air saddle on my Muni with an extra large leather cover. I used just the innertube inside without any other padding. Actually, I think I did use the thin lining from the inside of the Miyata.
ON my Trials, I used a Roach cover with an innertube, and form foam from the Miyata. I cut it out so it was more like a shell, and it works great. It keeps the shape of the saddle much better too.


Just a thought, but if you’re getting a carbon fibre seat base, removing foam and getting a new cover, why not just get a normal CF base for a miyata seat, then it’ll definately fit.

Or am I missing something?


I spoke to Roger, and he said that the Miyata cover would fit thr KH, but you have to take out a bit of foam…

I guess John does have a point though!



They’re not out yet, but the Fall 2004 KH saddles will come with a removable cover.

This removable cover will also be sold separately and fits both the KH and Miyata style saddles.

I’m not sure on the exact time frame when this will be available, but likely it will be within the next 2-4 months.



Well I already have a KH CF base, yellow KH handles that match my uni and the foam. It’d cost £33 for a new CF base and £27 for handle and bumper plus I’d have to find foam. So another £60+ £££! I only have to buy a cover and play around a bit with what I have, so why not?!

The new KHs sound really good, so I’ll no doubt end up buying one for a uni that doesn’t exist as seems to be the case with a lot my uni stuff :wink: I heard from Roger that he will have CF based, shallower foamed KHs/Velos at BUC- now that sounds like a plan!

Fall 2004 in a few months? I hope its soon cause I’m waiting to buy one. Though I actually like how this viscount feels better than my torker/miyata i think… Just no handle :frowning: