Miyata CF Base + Miyata Handles + KH Cover = Wicked Trials Saddle.

I just got to go take my new Custom CF saddle for its first real ride and man is it sweet. Its so rigid, zero flex even with me reafing on it. Ill tell ya once you go CF its like night and day, you never want to go back to a regular plastic base with a re-enforcement plate.

The Miyata foam is very nice ond low profile so its super easy to go from Seat in to SIF and vice versa. It also makes it easy to hold the saddle for SIF hopping.

The only complaints i have are that its not the most comfortable thing ever, but hey, who acctually “rides” a Trials uni a whole lot anyways, youre most ly standing on your pedals hopping. And for the amount of time you are riding the uni its not unbearable. Another Issue is the handles. But im pretty sure its just because im not used to them yet

The Components are as follows

  1. Gemcrest Miyata style CF base
  2. Miyata foam
  3. Miyata front and rear bumpers.
  4. KH Fusion cover.

The KH cover is a bit of a pain to fit on the Miyata base but with a little patience it goes on.

So my closing word is that if your in the market for a great trials saddle you should give this a try.


Yeah, I’m sure you’ll be real happy with that seat when you rip the front handle off and bend the stock miyata seatpost (really, there’s a reason that nobody rides miyata handles). Otherwise, that’s a pretty good setup. I rode a very similar seat for nearly a year, except with a duct tape seatcover and airseat padding. Great for trials, but yeah, not to great for epic muni rides.

Oh well… I suppose i switch out to a Kinprt when i break the Miyata.

UDC doesn’t have kinports anymore and mine snapped so easily. Was it you that drilled your base at the weird angle for the handle? That will suck if you need to drill it to another bolt pattern because some of your holes may overlap and you will get oval shaped holes, that happened to me when I drilled it for a reeder which was at a wierd angle.

If its only a trials uni then it doesn’t matter since you won’t be using the handle for sif anyway.

I re drilled and moved the handle…Its straight now. I have a question…is it nesscesary to put a rubber shim beween the seat post and the base or is that just something you can forget about?


See about getting a GB4 seat post to replace the Miyata seat post.

Also, try Darren Bedford at Bedford Unicycles for the Kinport handles. When Uni.com is out of something, I go to Darren.


Ohhh, I have seen Steve Howard handles on Darren’s pricelist and I didn’t realize it is the same as a kinport…so you won’t have a problem getting one.

I would recommend it tho for sure

What does it do?

It keeps the “sharp” metal edges of the seatpost plate from creating a crack in the CF.

Make your seat like mine. You won’t be sorry:

Edit: The handle is crucial.

my kinport handle held up well and is still going strong on a friends uni. Just another opinion. :slight_smile:

OBIE:what kind of rail adapter are you using? How do you like it? Does it feel like the weakest point to you?

I think he just has a thomson seatpost wich has built in rails.

It’s a KH style rail adapter from Bedford. Feels strong enough to me shrug.

Obie, is that the Deathgrip? I was thinking of getting one of those…For now im done trickin out my Trials…Ive spend close to $800 on it… Its time to give the Muni some love. CF base and Reeder on the way for me.

when has that ever happened?

I’ve put enough force on my seat to bend thomson clamps BTW. no rubber, and my base is fine. If you have a flattened tube laying around, make a pad for the assurance. If not, don’t sweat it you’ll anihilate your rails before you do anything to the carbon fiber.

having a deathgrip handle will make you go :smiley: . I’ve wrecked a s.wallis rear bumper on pavement, hard impact with the street chiped the resin and knocked some fatty corners off. i’d only use it on dirt.