Miyata airseat, new plan

If anyone is planning on doing an airseat conversian on a chineese miyata seat, you might want to try putting it in the freezer over night before you take the bumbers off. We have tried this on several seats and it works great, no spinning or twisting from the bolts.

just though i’d mention it…

“Cool” idea, Max.

Wow. The crazy things people will come up with! I’ll have to try that on the next Miyata seat. Nothing a bath of liquid nitrogen can’t take care of.

Or, you might get lucky. When I finally got around to doing my conversion, the nuts came right off! No Loctite, or anything! Perhaps there are some leftovers from an older production run that came in unicycle.com’s shipment?

I had one as well, Will.


I’m glad I don’t have one of those unicycles.