Miyata air saddle on ebay

Hi! I regularly search “unicycle” on ebay just to see if there’s anything interesting, and I just saw that someone is listing a Miyata air saddle. I don’t know anymore about it than is listed. Here’s the link:


It’s a roach cover and it says it has a GB stiffener plate. It says they used it with the air seat conversion twice and went back to their Viscount because they liked it better! (?!)

Just wanted to let everybody know.


i met a german bloke at ejc bremen who swore blind that the viscount was the superior seat, apparently his teqniuqe involves more standing up and less sitting for long distances.
it turns outthat he was the other person to build a geared unicycle at the same time as harper.
unfortunatly i was drunk an have since forgotten his name.

Sounds like Frank Bonsch to me. He differs from me in that he’s a REAL rider. He’s done some real long distance stuff.

Hey all, that’s my seat on e-bay. Like it says, I converted it a couple weeks ago. I hadn’t been riding the stock Miyata all summer because the factory stiffener broke, and I had built a homemade Reeder handle to try on the Viscount which came with my Coker. I use an air seat on the Coker and love it, but I think I’m just used to the Viscount for muni now. So I put the store bought Reeder handle on the Viscount and the original green Miyata handle on the Miyata air seat to sell it. I’m just really trying to regain the money I spent on the air conversion. Here’s a pic of the Reeder handle on the Viscount. I had to duct tape over the hole that the bolts made in the cover.
Joe in Iowa… http://mojoe.unicyclist.com/

viscount_reeder 004.jpg