Mixed bag: Kh rollos, nimbus pedals, QU-AX cranks + more


I’ve got a mixed bag of some spare parts for someone to snap up!

White nimbus platform pedals, very limited use.

KH rollos for moment cranks. Mounted once, then taken off and forgotten about.

114mm Isis Quax cranks, used for a few months on my single speed 36er.

1 black and 1 white kh rear saddle bumper. Like new.

New this gear is over 60euro, but especially for you, 30euro for the lot (not going to separate it into individual parts).

Prefer to sell within the EU/UK. Buyer pays shipping, payment by PayPal or bank transfer if you are in Denmark.



Price drop and bump!

Price now 20euro, or if you buy the KH trials or KH 24 frameset etc I also have for sale all this is yours for 10Euro!

It’s a deal, it’s a steal, It’s sale of the %&/¤#Ø" century.




Bump bump bump…