mite b gtin 1st uni...

Hi peeps can i get sum advice, i wana get a uni, a decent 1 but i gt a tight budget an i need 2 no where is the best place 2 get them from etc.

can u help me!?!? :thinking:

The Torker LX unicycles (the black Torkers) are a great deal in terms of quality and cost. It’s the most bang for the buck for an entry level unicycle. There are slightly cheaper unicycles available, but you loose a lot in the quality of the components.

Here’s links to the Torker LX unicycles at
Torker LX 20" 2004 model
Torker LX 24" 2004 model
Torker LX 20" 2003 model

The 2003 model comes with a shorter seatpost than the 2004 models. If you’re a taller rider (teen or adult) the seatpost will be too short and you’ll have to add in the cost for a longer seatpost.

Avoid cheap unicycles with this seat or this style of lollipop bearing holder. You can find those parts on cheap unicycles for around $70, but they’re not worth it. Avoid them.

You can get the black Torkers from or from your local bike shop. Lots of local bike shops are starting to carry the black Torker unicycles which is pretty cool. But the bike shops usually list them for full retail rather than discounting them like the online retailers. You may be able to bargain the local bike shop down in cost. The advantage to buying locally is that you save shipping and you get the unicycle immediately.

Crazy Rider are you on under the same name???

1st No that is not a person on the trials forum. How do i know it’s my girlfriend! YEY hollys getting a uni :smiley: is it for sam as well? well if you want you can get from a local bike shop(£100) like mine + when we are in there i could ask about sponsership:) , has a crap saddle but i can sort you out with an airseat i have spare bases ect… or sell’s them you know that you got universe 2! The other guy’s links are no good due to they are u.s.a not uk
love you
O and remind me to bring shoe goo to fix your shoes when i next see you

Thanx guys uve helped alot.
ill prob gt 1 frm the local bike shop seeing as u get it straight away but i dno yet. neway as ben sed i am NOT the person off but he/she STOLE MY NAME! i shud giv em a gd beating!
love u 2 ben
thanx again
holly x:)