Mitch McGary of Michigan basketball fame is a unicycle rider

I just heard this on the radio. You rarely ever hear any unicycle news during the final game of the NCAA tournament but here it is. It is a great story and it is pretty impressive to think about a 6-10 guy on a uni. It sounds like he does not ride during basketball season but still gets on them in the off season. I say “them” because he owns three!

Today’s New York Times. Headline: “Sudden Michigan Star Leads Ride to Final, via Unicycle”

John Foss/Mitch McGary story in USA Today:

Should have ridden them during basketball season. :wink:

He had six points and six rebounds in the national championship game. He contributed a lot this season, especially for a freshman. We will be hearing a lot about his basketball in the future which means there will also be more good publicity out there about unicycling!

Yes, I’ve been tweeting about Mitch throughout the entire tournament but I had to stop routing for him last night as his squad was up against my Alma Mater the Louisville Cardinals. Tonight I will be cheering on the Lady Cards in their bid for a National Championship and you can for darn sure bet I will be standing at the window laying a wager on Rick Pitino’s horse at the Kentucky Derby. What a great city I live in. Killer Mountain Bike trails, a Frederick Olmstead park, and nearly 100 continuous miles of rails-to-trails bike paths perfect for a geared 36er.