Missouri Riders?

One of our Michigan unicycling families is relocating. They’re moving to St. Louis, Missouri and were wondering if there are any clubs/riders in the area. The family is NOT into trials, rather they prefer group riding, parades, performances, etc. Anything like that going on in St. Louis?



Well I live about 4 hrs away from St Louis, I am into trials mainly,but I also ride some parades with my friends.:smiley:

I am from St Louis, I ride cokers & Munis. No clubs that I know of.

I live in Webster Groves (st. louis)

I live in Webster Groves. Its in the St. Louis area. I’m not great, but I can ride about 4 houses at a time before I get tired/fall. I’ve got a Torker, but I’m not sure what model.



im in warresnburg MO right in the middle. knowone rides here but give me a week or two on this thing and it will snowball. i have never ridden with anyone else, maybe i should. heck lets start a club here if there’s not one already…!!! lemme know


did’nt look at the date on that post before i replied.

i am in jefferson city so if anyone wants to met up and ride sometime pm me i up for it