Mission Tracker tire review

I had to buy a new tire so i made a little edit with it.

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Hi Unicyclemos,

You got me curious with the thread title and then disappointed with the minimalistic post :stuck_out_tongue:

As I do not know this tire, I was expecting to see the tire sizing and maybe a teaser about what kind of use you were planning for it. I can totally get the video vs typing review but I feel like I am unsure if it is a review that could interest me.

Breakfast calls so I will see later if I click… :wink:

I think that the video does explain it, and its more of a little edit of me putting the tire on and throwing some tricks. Maybe the title is a bit misleading, but that wasn’t my intention. You don’t have to watch it if you do not want to.

I was not crying clickbait :smiley:

Your edit had some fun ideas like the tire teleportation and I like your raw frame with blue bearing cups.

Mission Tracker: 20x2.4 (33oz/900g): https://www.downtownbmx.com/products/mission-tracker-tire?variant=15250926927918#

And on top of all, it exists in plenty of color (man I miss my freestyle wheel…)

Thanks! thats one of my favorite things about 20" vs 19" cheaper tires with cool designs