Missing Xavier Collos?

I noticed after going to FLUCK how a lot of the french riders are amazing at flatland. Before FLUCK, I thought Xavier was on a level of his own, after I saw how many french riders flatland, I missed Xavier’s style of flatlanding. Haven’t really seen any little serious vids from him lately. I would love to know what’s going on with him. Anyone else miss that guy’s flatlanding? (I know why he wasn’t at FLUCK too, lol, that’s not what i’m asking about what’s going on with him.)

-Shaun Johanneson

Once you saw me flatlanding, you won’t miss him any more.


he put out that flat trip vid. the flatland in the vid was really sick proablly better then anyone at the time. but he hasnt put anything out since then so i dont know if hes still the best. id say loic and matt are catching up or are at the same level