Missing unicycle

My mountain unicycle went missing in the weekend. I’m pretty gutted.

Do you mean stolen?

did it ride away?

i thought it was still in police custody?

I think it has been stolen. Because it is missing I can’t tell for sure. It could be a weird practical joke that is going on too long. It could be that it was kidnapped and is being held for ransom (but I haven’t found the ransom note yet). I don’t think it would have ridden away, because anyone knowing how to ride is usually not the type of person to steal, although I don’t know for sure because I don’t know every unicyclist.

Jagur, maybe I forgot to wrap up that story. A while back my unicycle got confiscated by the police. I battled with them. Eventually I got my unicycle and my money back. Then I tried to get an apology from the Policewoman who stole my MUni. She refused so I sent a letter to the police complaints authority. In the end I didn’t get an apology from her, but I got a verbal apology from the council and the Senior Sergeant of the police (on behalf of New Plymouth Police), admitting that they had made mistakes and errors of judgement. I think I preferred having my unicycle stolen by the police. At least I knew it was in safe hands and that I’d get it back.

‘Those aren’t flashlight dents, they must have been here when we confiscated this!’

sad people who havn’t got anything better to do with there sad lives then wreck other people’s grrrrr

hope it turns up :frowning:

I feel your pain… A while ago, some one stole my BEST Rubiks Cube. I could average about 21 seconds on that, and I didn’t have a backup!! So I had to relube, and resticker, and re-wear in a NEW cube. That’s a process that takes over a month, total!! It really sucks to have something stolen.
Yeah, so now you all think I’m insane.

I started saving for that MUni in the year 2000. I finally got it in 2003 and spent over four thousand dollars on it. Up until recently I was unemployed, and could not afford insurance. Getting another MUni will take me longer than a month, so I’m hoping it will turn up. I’ve reported it stolen to the police (ironic isn’t it), and I’ve put an ad in ‘Lost and found’ in the newspaper this weekend. If I find out who took it, I will have to use a lot of restraint not to violently assault them repeatedly.

Dissapointed to hear that Rowan - but hey New Zealand is a small enough country, if all else fails just visit all 4 million of us. Dont worry though - im sure it’ll show up, if someone actually learns to ride it you will probably quickly see them - or else they’ll get fed up, dump it and you’ll get it back.:smiley:

Off the topic you going to NZUNI Weekend?

Well i could of been stolen by a biker for parts like rim ect. I hope you get it back 4000 sounds alot.

Is that NZ or US dollars? Was it you who posted a while back about not locking their uni up? I know someone mentioned they had an expensive uni they didn’t lock. Tis still a crying shame. do you have any pics of the unicycle?

There aren’t that many Wilder MUnis in the world , let alone NZ. Get the word out.
I hope it turns up.

  • Frank

if everyone from the unicycle forums donated 5 dollars…


Maybe, I hope so anyway. Ken says there will be plenty of unicycles for me to borrow, but unless I get mine back I don’t think it would be the same. Theres still a lot of time left, so hopefully…

I doubt it, but that is a possibility. Not many mountain bikers would want a single fat rim like a sun doublewide, which is already laced onto a hub they cant use. The Thomson seatpost could be reused, and the pedals (which are bung) but not much else.

Thats NZ dollars. The unicycle cost me US$1420 plus US$300, plus a bunch of upgrades including a second set of cranks (I’ve still got the 170mm ones), and a carbon fibre airseat (the KH seat snapped).

We could pay Gilby for his efforts to keep this site going. There are many far more worthy causes out there than me. I’ll get another unicycle eventually. I have two other crappy ones but I don’t like riding them after having a luxury one with an airseat.

I didn’t answer this bit very well in my last post. Yes it was me who said I didn’t lock up my expensive unicycle, but I don’t expect to need to in the flat where I live. It was fine to leave my unicycle outside the movie theatre or at the door of shops, nobody took it. It would be very irritating to have to lock it up each time you are not using it, because there are a lot of short trips. I used it as a main form of transport, instead of walking or driving a car (I don’t own a car). I have pictures of my unicycle, this one was taken on Mount Taranaki, before I got a rear bumper for the seat, and before I adjusted the tilt to my preference - it was too tilted on that occasion.

How irritating is the walking on your short trips?

I lock up my unicycle when left outside…in fact…I’m going out to ride it right now!

Oh, Sofa, that’s harsh!!

After 16 years, my Wilder has finally come back home to me. Thanks to Tony Melton’s keen eye spotting it on trademe, and the cooperation of New Plymouth and Taupo Police, and then Jason Butler and his circus crew for getting it back to me.

It seems pretty well looked after, considering the lady selling it on trademe said she bought it from the dump. The tire is not much more worn than when it was stolen. I even recently found the other handgrip from the pair that I bought 16 years ago, still in good shape.

What a relief! For a long time I thought I would never see it again. It has come back at an interesting time with the resurgence of the airseat, as it has the old dog-bone bag style one.

This is such a mind bending time-warp event I’m struggling to comprehend how it could have happened. Whoever took it obviously didn’t have a good use for it, apart from saving it for me!



That’s awesome! Best thread necro ever.

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