Missing Part: Magura Brake Shim

Well for my birthday I got some Magura hs-33s, I was all exited and was in the prosses of putting them on, then noticed one of those black sleave like shims that go around the brake cylinder was missing. I tryed making some of my own shims but they didnt hold well enough. Do any of you guys know where i can get one of these shims? I allready went to the hareware store and they said they dont have anything like it. I also checked maguras website and didnt find anything. And ideas where i can get one of those black shims?



Use electrical tape in the meantime, I still havent found where to buy any shims… then again, I havent really looked, the electrical tape works just fine.

Just wrap the tape around the clamp area, just enough so that its a tight fit before you even bolt it down, then adjust the distance and clamp it down tight.

OK il try that.

Magura USA is great about servicing their stuff–I just had two braided brake systems totally reworked and they only charged me 50 bucks. Call them up and they’ll do you proud with whatever you need.


Re: Missing Part: Magura Brake Shim

Your local biks shop may be able to order that part. The Magura part number for that piece is 0720442.

You can download the tech manual for the Magura rim brakes here. Go to downloads then scroll down to Rim Brakes. The tech manual will give you the part numbers for the small parts.

If your local bike shop can’t get the part then try Trialsin USA. He stocks a lot of magura spare parts. Call him up and tell him what you need. He’s located in NY.

Or you can try The Trialsin Shop. He’s located in BC Canada.

Or you can call Magura USA

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