Missing front wheel?

Ok, maybe this should be in the trading section, but I’m not selling it, and I’m posting it for comical reasons so…
Read the description LOL

Nonsense! it’s clearly missing it’s back wheel!

Oh, the cries of “where’s your other wheels”:smiley:

hahaha it doesn’t need a wheel, its magic, like it says lol (UNICYCLE BIKE CLOWN MAGIC BMX 20" KIDS PARTY BUSKER MTB).

BMX? MTB? Busking? Magic? Don’t believe the lies! lol
and technically, it’s not even a unicycle :wink:

Hold it…I think there’s something wrong with that unicycle… I can’t quite put my finger on it… OH! The pedals are missing!

Would you be willing to part it out? I want that tire for my new freestyle uni. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s pretty funny though

Working down we have:

Shooting stick:D

Just add a hub and you’ve got the no-cycle!

I’ve ridden a no-cycle.

No, really. In a show! In the Public Show at Unicon I, no less! I also called it the World’s Stupidest Unicycle, but it was fun to perform on. I rode it because IUF founder Jack Halpern was unable to make it to Unicon but his unicycles did. Along with the No-Cycle was a Half-Cycle; a unicycle with half a wheel. That was a lot harder to ride, naturally.

But with the No-Cycle it was fun to “spoof” regular unicycle tricks. Funny to a unicycling audience, that is. A regular audience would wonder why you were wasting their time as you demonstrated riding forward, backward, idling, idling one-foot, hopping, crankflips (that one hadn’t occurred to me but the floor was carpeted so it wouldn’t have chewed it up), one-foot riding, one-foot backwards, etc. :slight_smile:

Haha, I didn’t know unicycles had a front wheel and a reer wheel:p that guy dont unicycle for sure.

Missing front wheel or missing back wheel, sort of like the chicken or the egg, lol.
I think it’s sort of a cute, thanks for sharing.