Missing black Friday deals?

I’ve pretty much scoured the web for unicycle retailers participating in black Friday. Looks like the best deal is at yoyosam.com (US based) they specialize in yoyos, but have a full line of KH and Nimbus unicycles. For black Friday they are giving 20% off any item, including unicycles. That’s pretty big for what I’ve found on unicycles. Use the code “boom” for the discount.

Thanks for the link. I’ve been looking for used 36 inch unicycles on eBay and Craig’s List but I couldn’t find any reasonably priced ones. I just used your coupon code and bought the Titan 36" Trainer for $360 with free shipping.

Cyber Monday coupon code from YOYOSAM, 25% off, use code WEB .

Looks like they’ve wised up to us folks getting discounts on Unicycles, so most coupons explicitly exclude them, but code REDDIT15 does seem to work on what unicycles they still have in stock.

I’ve personally bought a 36" there, and know of someone else that got some Munis there as well. Never had issues with them.

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