Misshapen Muni Tire

I have been building a new muni slowly for several months now.
I noticed after putting on the Arrow 26 x 3.0 tire (also branded duro) that the tread seemed to be offset to one side or the other at certain intervals around the tire.

The tire was actually pretty misshapen right out of the box.

Could this be simply a bent bead or could it be something that can be fixed by a shot of extra air pressure, or maybe riding on it a bunch?

Note: The little rubber lip that runs around the sidewall, at certain spots on the wheel, is sitting nicely on the edge of the rim, but at others is tucked under. I can’t seem to adjust it to fit.

Try deflating the tire most of the way, and manually pulling the bead so it engages better with the rim all the way around the tire.

Thanks- just tried this and it seems to help slightly, but no matter where I am able to get the lip on the edge, it seems to slip under on the opposite side.

At the shop I used to work at we had a tool for seating clincher tires. It looked like a set of channel lock pliers with wide curved jaws. Occasionally we would have a balloon tire that wouldn’t seat correctly, and this tool could be used to manually seat the tire with moderate air pressure in it. It might be just what you need, and it could be that your LBS has the tool. If not, you might be able to make something that does a similar job.

I’ve had tyres not seat right like this, and they fixed themselves by me putting in a fair bit of air (probably like 30-40 PSI in a muni tyre), and repeatedly dropping the wheel, rotating it a little, dropping it again, until it sorted itself out.

I’ve only ever had the problem with kevlar bead tyres though, I dunno if it’ll work with wire bead.


Which Arrow is it?

The 24X3 Arrow Wide Bite is not the same as the Duro & I don’t think they make more than one 24/26X3" tire, so I doubt your 26X3 Arrow isn’t the same as a Duro.

I’ve had similar problems w/ MTB’s in the past. I solved them by deflating the tire, try to get it positioned by hand, spinning it real fast in the frame a few times, and then pumping it up real high. The worst tire I had didn’t streighten out all the way until after several rides.

Thanks guys. I will give these techniques a try and maybe take it in to a lbs to see what they think.

As for the tire, it is an Arrow Wide Bite but it also has the ‘duro’ branding on it. I’m pretty sure it is the same tire but I could be mistaken.

I remember I had this problem on my 36er and I took it into a lbs to see what they though. He fixed the problem for good within 3 minutes by pouring oil of some sort under the tire where the tread was off center, and giving it a shot of air with the pressurized pump. Maybe the same will apply.

Wide Bite

I have a brand new 24X3 Arrow Wide Bite tire and a few 24X3 Duro tires and they are definetly diferent tires. The treads are different and the 24X3 imprinted in the rubber is a different size and font. Does anyone know who actually manufactures Duro? It is kind of like a mystery brand. In England it is called Halo.


Mount the tire, then apply a thin “film” of soap along the tire bead, now do your best to position the tire correctly on the rim, then pump it up until it “POPS” into place.

Some tire and rim combos don’t work so well together, sometimes tires are made poorly. If you can’t get a nice fit, consider sending it back and trying another brand. WTB is notorious for this problem!