Mirza the Coker on the loose

So I tried to talk to my Coker:
“Mirza try to behave! last time you were so rude that I ended up
in the emergency ward and you stayed in the garage for 8 months!
what about behaving properly? you will travel through the world!”

<Mirza is not very talkative, but I suspect I had made a point>

So this saturday I was with Mirza in the woods with the RandoMono team and someone caught the fancy of stair riding.
The first volley of stairs was very steep and only Fme did some tricks.
Since I did not want to commit suicide I lead the whole wobble
(I mean the wobble of unicyclists) to a trail that had indeed some
wooden steps every now and then.
Though it was not difficult I was scared stiff … I was even unable to start… then I succeeded and went down some 5 or 6 steps and U.P.Ded…
But Mirza decided to have a go by itself and continued without it’s rider!
Swoosh! Mirza rolled and rolled straight ahead… sure from time to time the saddle banged on the ground but this was not to discourage Mirza. The fantastic gyroscopic effect of the wheel kept it straight and in line…
bong, bong, down and down going faster and faster!
everybody had their mouth gaping… when will it stop?
I suddenly realised that there was a road at the end of the trail and in a flash I had the image of a motorist seeing a unicycle cross the road all by itself (so these things do not happen only in cartoons!).
by chance Mirza spotted a patch of green grass on the side of the trail, decided to turn elegantly to the right and ended gracefully in the tall grass.

so rule number 2 for Coker owners: do not try “things” when there are people around. A Coker is a danger to passers by.
I was wondering: should I buy a leash for Mirza?

I patted the beast and brushed dust on the saddle:
“so you want to be a trailblazer?” <non commital nod from Mirza>

so I borrowed a pair of 170mm cranks.
pro: freemounting easier, better apprehension of slopes
con: more wobbling (I’ve got to learn), may be more strain on my knees…

(very) wobbling bear

Re: Mirza the Coker on the loose

They tried to put a leash on Moby Dick :astonished: and look where it got them, do you think any Coker is any different? :thinking: Not only that, Mirza will let you know (in no uncertain terms) just what it thinks about your attempt at leashing it! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


Is there such a thing as a uni leash, like for snow boarders? I ride my uni to school, but I take the long way as I have this vision of a UPD whilst going down the hill (about a mile down hill to my university) and the uni shooting off the sidewalk and under a Mack truck…

Re: Mirza the Coker on the loose

OH wobbling bear, when will you ever learn! They are like teenagers but cannot be bribed with offers of mobile phones or trips to the cinema with friends! My coker (who rejoyces in the name of Penny, her little sister, my daughter’s 16 inch wheel, is named Farthing) has never run away from me like that, but I know it is only time. She has been well behaved up to now as I have never attempted to ride her anywhere near a slope.

She does, however, have some other tricks up her sleeve, all of which can be devastating in a confined space. She specialises in falling on her side and doing a sort of pirouette with her seat. It is amazing just how long she can keep that seat of hers going around. I just leap out of the way as a bash on the shin would be most painful. Sometimes she tries to come after me but I have always been abe to get out of the way.

I don’t think a leash would work. Cokers have quite a bit of momentum to go with that unshakeable will to go where they want to. If you are tied to them they WILL drag you along too!