MINT condition Torker DX saddle.

I got a stock Torker DX for christmas and the only thing I have done is ride it in my drive-way for about 5 minutes, on one day. My arm was terribly broken (refer to my avatar) so I can’t ride yet.

Anyways, I am selling the saddle, I have never fallen on it, so it has no scratches or anything. sells this for $48 but I am willing to sell it for much less.

Won’t set a solid price unless I get an offer or two.

(I can take pictures if necessary but it really is new so their would be no point)

where are you from to calculate shipping and what color is it?

Assuming you are in the US I will give you $30.00 including shipping.
Let me know.

Closed, I resolved to just keep the damn saddle, I’ll use it on my beater with a crappy seat.