Minnesota: Unicycling Mecca?

Riding to class today, someone asked me if I was from Minnesota, since every unicyclist he’s ever met was from there. Are there really disproportionately more of us in the Gopher State? I realize the Twin Cities Unicycle Club is one of the largest in the US, or at least the most famous, or at least several famous unicyclists are members there, including the creator of this website.

Can anyone account for this?

I don’t know, I guess this doesn’t make for a good forum discussion, I just thought it was kinda interesting.


I wouldn’t say there are more of us here in Minnesota. The Twin Cities Unicycle Club has 250 + members and some of the most talented and fun riders in the world, but if you add up the rest of the country there are definetly more unicyclists. We in MN are just famous for it.

-Ryan Woessner :slight_smile:

Re: Minnesota: Unicycling Mecca?

All of the above and more. TCUC has over 200 members and there is/was another unicycle club in the twin cities as well. Plus TCUC members peform at a lot of parades and events as well as travelling to various out of state and out of country festivals.

As to why TCUC is the way it is, it didn’t happen overnight. Years and years of committed people devoting very large amounts of their time to the club have helped build it up into the “unicycling mecca” it now is.

(made pilgrimage to unicycling mecca in 1999)

The number is closer to 350 members now in TCUC, and yes there was another club in the Twin Cities, which merged with TCUC a few years ago. And recently another club was created as part of an elementary school program in one of the suburbs by the 1994 World Freestyle Champion, Brett Bernard, who is a teacher at that school. I’ve heard that club has about 50 members.

If you’ve ever ridden there, or ridden with people from there, you would know that the reason for their success in drawing in more folks is because they all are so nice and friendly. No secret to their success. They smile. They enjoy unicycling. They enjoy each other. They share their joy. When you’ve got 300 folks doing the same thing then you know that you’ll get a few that have real talent – which is why there are so many level 10 riders that come that neighborhood. Gosh, from what I know, Andy Cotter has done a wonderful job of planting joyous seeds in promoting so many smiles!