Minnesota North Shore Muni Weekend-Oct 6-8

Twin Cities Unicycle Club is planning its annual Fall muni weekend at the North Shore of Lake Superior.

Dates: Oct 6-8
We will be spending most of our time at Lutsen Mountain, riding a chair lift up and riding trails back down. The cost for the chair lift is currently $28.00 (full day pass), but we are working on a group discount.

We will be camping nearby Friday and Saturday night. There will be a modest fee for the campsite.

There is a possibilty that Sunday we will be riding some of the trails around Gooseberry Falls.

Here is some more information about and pictures of the Lutsen muni trails: Link

We would love to have you join us.

kewl… ill see if i can come, i live in Michigan. NOt to far away! So theres some good places to Muni there? About how many others are going?

I just edited my post to include pictures and info about the trails.

No idea on numbers yet. Last year was about 20.

kewl, looks like some nice trails. I will tell my daddy and see if i can make it.

Here are a few pictures from last year’s trip.

i’m there!

ill go if i can borrow a muni

i’ll bring a 24" w/160 profiles for you (I’ll be on my Coker)

if i can make it i have a KH 24 u can use with 165 cranks. I wont need it because I have a 26 i use mostly now.

FYI: On Sunday it’s a possibility that we might split into two groups; one for riding around the trails around Gooseberry Falls which I think isn’t too technical and the other for people that want to hit up downtown Duluth for trials along Lake Superior and such as well as maybe hitting up Spirit Mt. which has a pretty decent downhill muni trail (but we’d have to walk back up cause the chairlifts aren’t open).

Anyways, I’m going for sure and can’t wait. This will be my third year now and everytime it’s been a blast! Let’s see if we can break our record of last year of 25 riders. Hope to see ya there.

cool guy6s thanks, i spose ill wait till we get closer to the weekend till i say what ill use(prolly kh, ive always wanyted to ride one)

his KH has a gazz and a magura and gel seat and Jimmy C’s so it’s awesome:)

Glad to hear it. It would be nice to get more non-Minnesotans.

I’ll see if i can bring a posse

this stinx, i cant make it:( I dont have a ride, both mom & dad are working.

Where do you live? Maybe you can find someone that could pick you up if it’s on their way?

i think i can proably make it.

i live in Negaunee Michigan. Even if someone brought me there, i need a ride back also. I dont want to mess up others plans or anything.

i’ll see what i can do about showing up. how hard would it be too mooch a ride from the twin cities on? i live near Des Moines iowa, so about 4 hours due south of mpls/st paul.

I’m sure you could find a ride from Minneapolis up to Lutsen, heck I might even be able to give you one (unless my girlfriend goes, then I won’t have room). But the key probably be that you’d have to be in the twin cities around 4pm or so cause that is (I think) when most poeple are leaving. But then again some people might not leave till later and you could try and catch a ride with them. Basically just keep it in your plans and as it gets closer, hopefully you can figure something out that works.