Minnesota indoor rolling

Hi im looking for anyone from the st paul area that knows any places to roll in the winter. Any help would be great. Thanks

Take a look at this site. I dont know minnesot too well but i think this club might be near you (TCUC).

Where in Minnesota do you live? Where do you go to school?

My ex lives around there, that’s why I’m wondering. She says one of her friends is a unicyclist.

TCUC stands for Twin Cities Unicycle Club, the Twin Cities being St. Paul and Minneapolis.

jayrock, you’re welcome to come join us. The fall schedule is just about to pick up here, but so far we have indoor practices on Tuesdays and Thursday at Washington Middle School in St. Paul. Once the schedule picks up, we’ve usually had practices on Monday and Fridays as well and do some unicycle hockey for part of both those nights.

thanks for the info. Gilby i will look into joining the tcuc. Hope you have room for me to bring a few friends with.