Minnesota 24 Hour Race, Redwing Minnesota.

I’m planning to do my first 24 hour race this summer. It’s solo, or teams of up to six. 6, 12, or 24 hours. August 25th-26 in Redwing Minnesota. I can’t seem to dig up any pictures of my own, but it’s a fun trail. Mostly singletrack with a variety of technical bits, log-overs, skinnies, rocky bits, and a couple teeters. Sounds like there will be 5 or so locals racing and I figured I’d throw it out and see if anyone else wanted to come and join us.

Some more info here:

Info on the trail (description is slightly outdated, map is pretty close):

If you’re interested let me know. Registration prices go up at the end of april, and then again mid august, so there’s plenty of time to figure things out.

Less than a month away now, it looks like we have one Duo team and one Solo 12 hour fellow. They just announced half price registration through august 12th, so if anyone is interested now is a good time to register.

We probably have 2 local riders that would go in for a team of 4 or 5 if that would help anyone decide.

The trails are great (at least they were at NAUCC 2009).

It’s too bad I’m not local.

Crush it, Max!

Max, I’d join you, but that’s a little far for me last minute.

Have fun, post pics of the night riding.

Is this happening this year? If so what dates and where can I find more info?

It doesn’t appear to be. Last year the guy who ran it lost money, what sounds like 5-10k, and there has been zero talk from mtb’ers.

That’s too bad. I was hoping I would be in MN for it this year. Let me know if anything changes or if there are any other good races in July or August.