Minneapolis Trials Pics/vids

Hey everyone.

Yesterday, Gilby, Max and I descended upon downtown Minneapolis to do some trials riding. The weather was warm for Minneapolis in December. I was in a t-shirt. There was plenty of architecture for us to play on and we had a great time. Max brought his camera along, and we got a few pictures and some videos.


Max may a few more vids and pics coming soon.

It was a great way to torture test my new Profile hub/cranks. Everything held up great, even after a 4 foot plus drop and gobs of 3 footers.
It was amazing to watch Max and Gilby skip from rock to rock. Every time I thought they were doomed, they would just keep going. Max is a master at rolling hops. He was easily getting getting up 25 inches or more onto obsticals.

A big thanks goes out to Max and Gilby for showing me around town.


It’s just too bad we couldnt find parking at the U, that woulda been pretty good.

nice stuff guys.exellent use of wrist guards Mojoe.

go 60x60 with that sweet avitar Max…

I though 50 was the limit, been expanded has it?

ya i squeaked,Gilby caved. :smiley: jus kidding thanx G