Minneapolis Minnesota riders

Hey im going to Minneapolis this weekend to see my sister at college, and im bringing my trials uni down there with me. My sister told me she saw a couple people on cokers and some people on smaller wheels zipping around there. I dont know, i guess im just wondering if anyone really rides there from this forum. maybe we can do some street/trialsy stuff alittle while im there if you want. just pm me or post it here if your interested.

…that is all. thank you! :slight_smile:

well I know that is where Dustin Kelm lives. :slight_smile:

hrmmm… haha ok. ill go around and ask people if they know Dustin then. :smiley:

ill just keep my eyes open for other uni’s i guess.

Yeah, you should be able to find someone. If not, you could contact TCUC, they might be able to get someone you could ride with, or go to one of their practices/meetings. Their pretty good for freestyle, minus Jon Atwell, they dont do much street/trials from what i saw.

yeah, definately check out tcuc.org (twin cities unicycle club), they have practices almost everyday, and I’m sure you could find some one to ride with if you show up at one and ask around.

well I’m going to the community ed classes on Wednesdays and I’ll be there tomorrow:D an maybe next Wednesday b/c I have confirmation so maybe not next week:(

Are will you be near the east bank campus of the U of M? There’s tons of great trial riding there

hey im up for ride proablly on friday? id have to see about getting a ride and stuff but i think i could make it and alex zeller to. i would really like to ride anyway. mullet hunter would u wanna come to? my emails uniboy1@gmail.com so let me know what ur thinking and ill see if i cant get me and alex down there.

jon A

well im going to see my sister at North Central bible college. im not sure how far away that is to U of M.

and Jon Atwell we’d be getting there on saturday more likely. for riding anyway. Because we’d be getting in on friday night. So id be open for saturday. Im not sure if you and mullet hunter (adam?)going make it or not. but that’d be pretty kewl.

…and im going to PM you some stuff quick.