Minneapolis Meetup


Im from chicago and im going to be in minneapolis for the weekend. I want to know if anyone wants to get together and ride? Im a level 4. I would like to do trials or Muni. Im not very good at either, but decent. I will be available on Sunday and Monday. Well if anyone wants to meetup, or if you know anyone who would want to just Email me at Zoharj@gmail.com



Hey. I dont live near minneapolis but i am not to far away from chicago (i live in one of chicago’s suburbs). I dont know any other unicyclists in my area so maybe when you get back we could ride or something. I am around a level 4/5 rider and i like trials (havent tried any MUni yet).

Yeah, I’m available on Sunday to do a MUni ride, maybe we can get a few others to join us. I’ll PM you. On Monday, the Twin Cities Unicycle Club will be doing a parade in Cannon Falls, about an hour south of the Twin Cities. I’m sure you’re more than welcome to come join us in that. The club is also going to have a picnic and long distance ride after the parade. Check out http://tcuc.org/members

Like Gilby said, there may be more TCUC people who would do a MUni ride on Sunday. I’ll send out an email to the TCUC members who MUni.
Gilby - Lebanon a good place for you?

I hope you would join us for the parade & distance ride/picnic on Monday. If you don’t have a distance uni, we have a Coker and other slightly smaller wheels that we let people use.

I’m sending you an email…


Re: Minneapolis Meetup

There are hardly any unicycle riders in Minneapolis. It will probably be very difficult to get a ride going there, so few potential participants.


Don’t do it, it’s a trap!

I ended up in Minneapolis this week on short notice. Connie loaned me a couple unicycles and made me adjust the seat height!

Then last evening Gilby made me play “Marco Polo” after he zoomed ahead at warp speed Muni. I suggest a radio collar to keep track of him.

Seriously, it was a great time. Thanks Connie and Gilby.


Steve and Zohar, it was great riding with you. We unfourtunately don’t have a lot of MUni riders around here, so it’s always nice to have visitors to ride with. If anyone else is in the Minneapolis area, give me a hollar… I promise to tone down my warp speed riding. :smiley: