Minimum leg length for 24"?


I taught my 10 yr old brother in law to ride a unicycle a couple of months ago. Needless to say, he’s catching me up rapidly now [1]. He learned on a generic 20" uni and is hankering after something a bit bigger, faster and, well, nicer.

I reckon a 24" muni (probably a Nimbus) will be just the thing. Trouble is, his inside leg is about 26". Given that I’m happy to cut down the seat post and, if necessary, the frame can it be made small enough?

What’s the smallest person that’s been squeezed onto a 24"?

[1] I taught him to juggle just after christmas - just the basic 3-ball cascade. Having mastered that, he hacked every one of my limited range of 3-ball patterns in about 10 minutes. By, oh, late Feb he had taught himself 4 balls which I’ve never managed despite several attempts to learn. Git.

im short

i have about a 26" inseam and i ride a 24" muni all the time, i have also ridden a 29er and i think i could fit a 36er with short cranks and a modified frame. He should have no problem on a 24

Many variables. The seat post is easy to cut down. Someframes have “long necks” which can make them difficult for shorter riders.

A shorter set of cranks will mean less need to stretch.

Easy way to check: the 24 inch wheel is 4 inches bigger than the 20. That means the wheel’s radius is only 2 inches bigger. Could he lower the seat on the 20 by 2 inches (5 cm)? If so, chances are he could ride an unmodified 24.

I’ve got a nimbus 24" Muni, they’re a great unicycle for what i’ve been doing. i’ve had to cut the seat post down but only beacause of the 170mm cranks i’ve recently put on it.

I have been wondering this my self