Miniature toy-size unicycles for gifts?

Looking for small toy-size unicycle to give as gifts to friends.
Does anyone know of where I can buy such small uni toy? :thinking:
Thanks! :slight_smile:

You can remove the keychain part and use it as a toy but keep in mind they are very cheaply made, the wheel doesn’t always spin all that smooth.

Get em here:


do they have sealed bearings ??:smiley:

The newer ISIS model does.

Are those good for finger unicycling with?

Someone posted a pretty amazing video ‘finger unicycling’ with one on here. I have one, it was thrown in with one of my orders from UDC but as far as I’m concerned finger unicycling is impossible. Also, my wheel doesn’t really fit in the frame as its a bit too wide in spots so sometimes it locks up and since the tire is plastic it just slides across whatever surface its on rather than roll.