Mini vid

Please comment…

That was very nice. I liked the music.

Only suggestion is hop less.

nice riding+ editing

i liked the first part with the black and white effect, that looked great.

There is some very nice stuff in there. You’re really good, keep it up!:smiley:

Nice vid! Just one hint. Do not land on rigid outstretched hands! One day you could break your wrist/forearm doing that and that sucks. Learn to roll it out.

nice vid
yes try to hop less

nice tricks/video :slight_smile:
just hop a bit less, but That is just a bit practise…
and nice editing :roll_eyes:

Amazing video! Hopping a bit less would add a lot to the flow, still not bad at all!

:smiley: :astonished: :smiley:
First time I’ve ever seen a “knee hop” or whatever you call it:)

I’ve seen the knee hop once before, but its still cool.
But at 1:02 you do a reverse suicide mount that I haven’t seen before

a lot of people have done it befor it’s called kneebrand