Mini vid :D here Even Seland, Christoffer Østensen and mine new vid :smiley: Enjoy :wink:

Please comment :roll_eyes:

nice video, enjoyed it!

Very nice video. I wish I was on a better computer right now, it played a little choppy for me. But I really liked the way it flowed. I also liked how you rode circles around the skateboard kid in the beginning. Saw a couple things I had never seen before, at least not the way you did it. I really liked the rollingwrap to crankflip you did. I thought the 90 unispin to reverse 90 was kind of cool. I think it could be something bigger though…

Anyway, enough rambling.
Sweet video. Make more.

It was a wrap-walk to overflip and a 180 to revers 180 not a 90 to revers 90 :stuck_out_tongue: But thanks.

Oh wow it was a full 180, I dont know what I was thinking yesterday… Maybe I was just so suprised to see that that I didnt actually see it :stuck_out_tongue:
As for the overflip, what is the difference between that and the regular crankflip.

P.S. Just watched it again, awesome… Who does the music?

The overflip and the crankflip is different because a overflip you take your foot over the pedal you flip with and then kick down again.

The music is by: John mayer - who says (or something like that :p)